Linux Deepin 12.12 – So Easy a 12-year-old Can Use It

Yes, the long wait is finally over and a new stable, awesome release of Linux Deepin, version 12.12, is ready for you! After a year of hard work, we are happy to bring you a free operating system with the unique Deepin touch – stable, easy and elegant.

Linux Deepin 12.12

Linux Deepin 12.12 features a brand new desktop environment, called DDE or the Deepin Desktop Environment, an enhanced Deepin Software Center, and the more delicate DMusic, DPlayer and DSnapshot …

DDE – Deepin Desktop Environment

Deepin Desktop Environment

Unlike its previous versions, Linux Deepin 12.12 ships the independently developed Deepin Desktop Environment, which brings you a unique experience.

Application Launcher

An overview of all applications is given when the Application Launcher button is pressed. You can quickly find and start your application from here.

  • Launching applications: all installed applications sorted by categories are displayed here. Press the Launcher button or the combination key of Alt + F2 to see an overview of all applications and press the Esc key to quit.

  • Searching applications: applications can be searched by names or keywords.

  • Creating shortcuts: right click on an application icon, a brief menu will be displayed. You can create shortcuts on the dock panel or on the desktop from the menu, in which you can also hide the icon of an application.

Application Group

Drag one icon of an application on to another on the Desktop to create an App Group. Applications can be organized in such a way to improve your desktop for better efficiency.

Click on the App Group icon and a drop-down menu will be shown to display all applications in the group.

Right click on the App Group icon, you can open, rename, ungroup (which means all applications in the App Group will be expanded and restored to the desktop), or delete the App Group from the menu.

The Dock Panel

The dock panel, which is located on the bottom of your screen, includes the Launcher button, the Show/Hide Desktop button, shortcuts for applications and the system tray area.

  • Creating or deleting shortcuts: applications can be docked or undocked which means a shortcut for a running application can be created on the dock panel or deleted when it is no longer considered useful.

  • Previewing opened windows: opened applications can be previewed when hovering over the icons on the dock panel.

  • Dragging to move shortcuts: the docked icons for applications on the panel can be dragged and moved to change their locations.

System Settings

The System Settings is an indispendable part of the Linux Deepin operating system, which is introduced in this version for the first time. Comparing to similar components (whatever their names might be) in other operating systems or Linux distribtutions, the System Settings in Linux Deepin is more straightforward. It is used to configure displays, sound, wallpapers, power, date and time, keyboard, network on Linux Deepin.

Deepin Software Center 3.0

Deepin Software Center

Since its first version, the Deepin Software Center has drawn much attention from Linux users. In its new version, the back end has been completely reworked and you can see distinct improvement in its performance. New features include:

  • Recommendations and download rank is added to the home page.

  • The categories has been carefully examined and various adjustments are made where necessary.

  • Users can now log in using their Linux Deepin forum account to comment or rate applications.

  • Users can set their preferred mirror in Preferences-Mirrors.

DMusic, DPlayer and DSnapshot

We believe you have seen those handy and fun applications in our previous releases, didn’t ya? ;)
Yes, their names has been changed from long ones and now they have more compact names. Meanwhile, much attention has been paid to details and they have been greatly improved.

DMusic 2.0


The new version of DMusic:

  • is extensible with add-ons. The DoubanFM and Network Redio add-ons are provided by default and can be enabled in Preferences – Add-ons.

  • can be toggled to a minimal interface called mini mode.

  • adds playback support for audio CD and lossless formats (WAV, FLAC, APE, etc.).

  • supports conversion between different audio formats.

  • supports multimedia buttons.

DPlayer 2.0

Version 2.0 of DPlayer:

  • supports choosing and switching sound tracks and subtitles for multiple languages.

  • supports format conversion so that they can be watched on your mobile devices.

  • supports DVD/CD playback.

  • allows multiple instances.


DSnapshot 2.0:

  • supports sharing screenshots to your friends on Twitter.

  • adds a context menu to selected area, which includes many handy tools for editting pictures.

  • supports taking screenshots across multiple displays.

  • fixed issues which occurred when taking screenshots on other desktop environments.

Downloading Linux Deepin 12.12

The ISO images of Linux Deepin 12.12 comes with two flavors, 32 bit and 64 bit. You can download the ISO images from our official mirror:

x86: download (md5 checksum: 71edd7992a7cb1bd1ca392962046c61c)
x86_64: download (md5 checksum: 263a77d9ec64275b6e4edaf775fb967e)

You can also go to our Download page to choose from a list of available mirrors and other options and download the ISO images.

We Would Like to Hear from You

If you encounter any issues or have any suggestions, please tell us by reporting them on our bug tracker.

The Linux Deepin forum and the officially recognized subforum on are good places when you have any questions or just have something to say to other Linux Deepin fans.

Linux Deepin is intended for personal users. If you intend to use Linux Deepin in your company or needs our support, please contact us.

We hope you find Linux Deepin to be useful, and thanks for your support. Have fun! xD

Linux Deepin Team

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  4. Süleyman says:

    Great job :) Thanks :) But I cannot download :( a torrent file can be solution I guess :) thanks anyway :)

  5. Miggs says:

    Please provide a torrent download option. It is practically impossible to download from Europe.


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    Awesome work Linux Deepin Team, about time Linux came into the 21st century with a GUI to drool over. Well done!

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    Slooooooow Performance !!!

  9. InSilicoConsulting says:

    Tried many other 64 bit distros like buntus/mint, sabayon, fedora, pclinuxos on my new acer with nvidia optus. Nothing worked properly. With deepin, its a breeze. great work!

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    Cool!Can’t wait to try it out!Expect a good experience.

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    I got poor performance with intel GPU, compiz crash many times

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    Great job done here!
    I am going to try ot out!

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